We constantly monitor and improve our service for performance, speed, security and keep up to date with the latest internet security patches to combat the latest security threats that may affect our servers and of course you, the user. We also carry out maintenance and ensure the site runs smoothly as possible. We normally do these essential things behind the scenes without causing any interruptions to the service. However, on rare occasions we have to take the system off line which results to brief interruptions, for which we apologise in advance.


As our community expands, the traffic, volume of files, images, and database also increase. This necessitates a transition to larger and more advanced servers to accommodate the growth. Another reason for migration is the need to upgrade operating systems that have reached their "end of life." During these migrations, our servers and services need to be temporarily offline.

Purging messages, images and other data

Part of running a smooth operation is by clearing our (deleting) old information and data, such as images sent in messages and the messages themselves.

There are no hard and fast rules here as most depend on the size of the data base at the time. Below are some rough guides:

Instant Messenger
Images attached to messages are usually removed after 30 days.
Read messages after two weeks.
Unread messages after four weeks.

The main Platform
Images attached to messages are deleted usually after around 90 days.
Messages after 90 days.
Visitor lists are usually deleted after 180 days.
Friends lists usually after 10 years.
Notifications usually 30 days.
Unverified accounts after 14 days.