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United States
In my own words:

I am a confident, happy, and sometimes rambunctious man who is looking to make the next chapter in my life the best one yet. I enjoy many of the things most people do - the water, the mountains, restaurants, travel, intelligent conversation, being outside more than inside, etc... But what separates me from the rest of the men on this site? That's almost impossible to answer on a website with a catalog of human beings who all say basically the same thing. I can tell you a bit more about myself, but you must be the judge.

What I am looking for is a relationship that offers depth, fun, playfulness, trust, kindness, mutuality, passion, intimacy, growth and so much more. I am quite independent and don't need to be with someone 24/7 and often times do require some alone time - it's healthy to be alone or out with individual friends. On the other hand I truly miss the little things that come with a healthy relationship - smiling because you've done that cute thing you alwa