Nearly Done..


Dear Member..

Thank you for coming back to OstoDate and please accept our most sincere apologies for the scheduled downtime.

This is due to:
Essential maintenance. Estimated Downtime: 30 mins. With all being well may be very much earlier otherwise it may take a little longer.

Why the Downtime?:
OD is constantly improving, upgrading and administrating updates behind the scenes to keep things smooth and safe. However, some things have to be done while the service is off line or they will corrupt or cause data loss.

What is Involed?:
First before doing anything else, we need to back up all our servers. Anything you upload or post after the back up point may be lost. This is the reason why you are seeing the offline message. After the maintenance is over the backups will be restored. The actual maintenance is only around 30 minutes work. The majority of the downtime is because to the huge amounts of data that we backed up and restoring.

Once we start restoring the backup, you will no longer see this page and probably will not see any page at all.

Once again we would like to apologise for the downtime.

Our kindest regards.
OD Technical Team

Important: Do not refresh this page from your browser, you will get this offline message. Always click the Refresh button below to see if OD is back online.


Page Created: 24 March 2021