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White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Body type:
5' 6" 
Caucasian (white) 
Arts, Community service, Computers / Internet, Dancing, Dining, Family, Gaming, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Reading, Religion, Theater, Television, Travel 
In my own words:

I am new to the world of ostomy and would like to connect with friends who are going through the same. I would also love to meet a nice guy who is tall dark and handsome, close in age and thinks I'm cute too! Isn't this what we all hope for? I have put my life on hold for the last 4 years avoiding the surgery which I now have to face. I am having it on Tuesday.
I feel that I want to get out and meet people again because within a couple of weeks my life will no longer be about medications and health issues! I want to go out in nature more again... so excited it's spring!! I love to go swimming and to spend time at the beach. Have you ever turned over a big rock in a shallow pool of water and discovered a whole world of wonderful creatures under it? I love animal life, in the ocean and wilderness, and even all the pets around in the neighbourhood. I have been guilty of feeding raccoons and bonding with them. One even used to sleep at my feet when I sat out on the porch swing on a warm summer evening. Life is full of beautiful creatures and some awesome people. I love meeting new people and being friendly and getting to know about them.
I am looking forward to working again because I work with people with special needs and they are such a blessing in my life! I went in to my office the other day and had to spend at least 20 minutes getting hugs from the staff and folks I supported who miss me. I know life is worth going through some changes for. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find each other and experience those special butterflies that only come long a few times in life? Don't we deserve to have a rich full life no matter what? I want to get to know my future best male friend and to have butterflies together. How great would it be if after all of our suffering it turned out that this was what we had to go through to find each other? Please let me know if any of this resonates to you. Even just as a friend please. I am just opening up to life again and welcome all good people who would like to share about themselves and see where it goes from there.

Good Wishes to anyone who took time to read my process right now. I hope yours is going well for you!

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